how to make money with google adsense

how to make money with google adsense

Before getting started make you are this kind of person. Creative, Ambitious, & Strong willed… Being these things will make it much easier to accompish making money online with Google Adsense. If you are not but still willing to cross into the wilderness of making money online than… here we go…..

Making money with Google Adsense at first can seem challenging. The biggest misconception of producing money online is that you actually need to sell something. This is 100% false.

Step into the world of cyber wealth growth and the idea becomes much easier to obtain. So what does it really mean to step into ‘cyber wealth’? Well, Cyber wealth is how much reach you have from your established network. This plays in the same way the real-world works outside of the cyber web or also more commonly known as the internet.

How it works real world and in cyber space…

A person has a certain measurable outreach. This outreach can be used to give a service, product, and or even idea exposure. This exposure can easily be funneled into money exchange. Whether the person is purchasing an item, services, or even just clicking an advertisement. Someone, somewhere is willing to pay top dollar to these outreaches. Google is one of them. Google has been offering Adsense since March of 2003. The concept is as above but Google is the middle man. Connecting people with outreaches to potential customers with services, businesses, and or products.

So here is where you come in..BUILD AN OUTREACH. Okay, so at this point you might be scratching your head and asking how and why. The how question is more than likely something along the lines of ‘How the heck can I build an outreach’. To answer that question follow the below

  • Find your niche – Understand what you LOVE to do. It doesn’t have to be anything related to computers, the internet, or anything techie at all. In fact it might be better to be outside of that for competition sake. List 3-5 things.
  • Picking the niche – So once you have that list of 3-5 things you absolutely love. For example I will pick ‘Competitive Fighting’ as my stared LOVE. Take it and order it into categories. If any of them are related that might be your best pick.
  • Once you have your ‘stared’ LOVE. This one is your perfect niche. This should be the thing you would do as a hobby and or have had a long relationship with. So let’s say your a copy cat and choose ‘Competitive Fighting’ as well you would research this keep phrase.
  • Researching your key phrase – Head over to and type in the search field your key phrase. In this case I will be typing in ‘Competitive Fighting’. At the top you will see the total result found. This will give you an idea of how much competition that key phrase or keyword as. In this case 61,200,000.  Search Results when searching for a key phrase

That may seem like a lot but understand this is only the overall niche your choosing. The choice should be directly made on the basis of background knowledge and experience and how much you LOVE it. Ask yourself if you could write about this topic daily, would you? Are you motivated to share ideas, techniques, and other things related to this niche or topic? If so you FOUND it. If not you should try and start over again. So this is the hardest and in my opinion most important part about starting to make money with Google Adsense.

The next step to making money with Google Adsense!

So you have a few different options when it comes to how you will display your content online and build your outreach. Below are a few ideas –

  • Recommended . Blogger–  Making a blogger account. Blogger allows you to quickly and for free build a blog without too much of a hassle.
  • – Making a blog account. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems in the world right now. Not only managing blogs but full blown websites.
  • Custom built – Making a custom website. This can be very time consuming and costly. I HIGHLY suggest not to do this as your first web blog.

So I am going to walk you through how to sign up with It is the recommended route..

Setting up a blog with

If you already have a email you already have an account over at Yes Google owns  it.

Logging in and Registering into

Once your in you need to click ‘Add a new blog’, you will get this page up in your face – Making a new blog on blogger

The first field you see is called ‘Title‘. This field is used to describe your blog. In our example case we will use ‘Competitive Fighting’.

The second field you see is called “Address“. When someone goes to your site it will look something like ‘’.

Under that you get to select a template that looks nice as a starting place.

Next click ‘Create Blog’. Once you have created the blog you will see an orange pencil.Blogging Edit icon

Yay! Okay so our blogger account is made and set up. Time to add our first post!!! But wait! What do we write about?

What to write about?

Don’t worry, everyone has this issue and I have a solution for you. There are a few different methods on how to locate ‘what to write about’ relating to your topic. First is to identify topics within your niche are needed. This can be difficult and time consuming IF you don’t know where to start. But thankfully you have me walking you hand in hand step by step, right? Okay so let’s head over to Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

Once you login you will see something like  – (Select ‘Get search volume for a list of keywords or group them into ad groups’)

Google Keyword planner, getting started

From here you will be prompted to insert one or more keywords or phrases. This shouldn’t be so much of a guessing game as you should have some background knowledge of the topic or niche you selected to write about. Once you filled in a few different ideas click the blue ‘Get search volumes’ button.

It will then list of a graph that will display search volumes, competition levels, suggested bids, and more.. The most important for you to take into account at the money is the Monthly Search Volumes, and Competition Levels. Your goal is to find lowmedium competition levels with the highest search volumes possible.

It may take a few different attempts to find that exact one your looking for but don’t worry, it is well worth it.

Alright so here is my list –

  1. How to get into competitive fighting?
  2. Great workouts for competitive fighting
  3. How to become a professional competitive fighter?

So the above allows me to have some topics to write about.

How formal should I be? Write in your website/blog how you wish it to be. Try and keep the same consistency throughout it. Pick and lane and stick with it. I personally love to add in some personal flare without going too unprofessional but that is just me.

How much should I write for each topic? Once again it is personal preference but a good rule is to answer all the underlying questions without too quickly getting to the closing of the topic. Breaking up your writings into multiple pages or posts is definitely great but takes a bit of planning. Make sure to do your research of the topic and ask yourself questions you would like to know if you were the reader of it.

How many writings should I do daily? Oh wow, okay so daily amounts depends how much time you have on your hands. Of course the more the better but understand that quality is King! If writing more than one a day is overwhelming than slow DOWN! It isn’t a race. Make sure your writings are useful to your readers and explain to an extent that it says understandable.

So now I have my first written blog post… wheres the money?

Not so fast Jack! The money will come but first you need to add some Google Adsense to your pages. Don’t freak out. It is very simple that you have a Google mail account. Head over to Google Adsense. Once you login to your account you will be able to apply for usable account. They require you to have some content on your website first to be accepted but that should be already done as we wrote a few articles above (“or at least you should have”). If you only have 1 article so far head back and write a few more before applying.

Alrighty, so you have wrote a few articles and you submitted your website to Google Adsense. Perfect! Now let’s add some advertisements to your pages.

  1. Once you are into your Google Adsense account click ‘My ads’.
  2. Now click ‘New Ad Unit’.
  3. Fill in the ‘Name’ field. This describes your advertisement for later reference.
  4. Select dimensions that fit your needs.
  5. Select an ‘Ad Type’
  6. Select ‘Text and style’
  7. No required but selecting ‘Custom ad channels’
  8. Next select the blue ‘Save and get code’.

Now after you have clicked the nice blue button it will create you a code to copy and paste to your webpage/blog. At first when you place this code it won’t instant show up because the advertisement is still being created. Allow it a few hours to fully finish setting up. It is highly recommended to mix in your Google Adsense banners within your content. Blending it and maximizing your click through rates is a whole different topic that I will cover soon!

Now the big question. When do I get paid? Well as you accumulate money from clicks of your advertisements you will see it in your back office. The payout threshold is $100.00, once you get that you will get a check in the mail or instant payment bank transfer.

Each click and impression pays out differently so it is very dynamic. One of the biggest things you should take note of to NOT get banned from using Google Adsense are –

  1. DO NOT click your own advertisements. Don’t do it even behind a proxy.
  2. DO NOT buy traffic to website’s with Google Adsense on them.
  3. DO NOT ask friends or family to click on them.
  4. DO NOT place this advertisements on illegal and prohibited websites.

You can find more about Google Adsenses DO’s and DON’TS  by heading to their Terms Of Service.

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