Meta Tags

Meta Tags

What are Meta Tags?

Meta tags are tags used in HTML to help search engines organize your website within the billions of other pages of a search result. This is only one of many other factors search engines take into account when appropriately ranking your website. Metadata is information that tells about data. In this case about your webpage.


Where are Meta Tags used for Search Optimization?

These tags are used within the <head> and </head> tags of your html document. Metadata is always a name/value pair.

What Meta Tags are normally used to optimize my webpage to allow search engines to easily crawl?

– Description tag

  • The Description tag explains to the search engines what your page is about overall: When Search Engines ‘crawl’ your webpages they expect you to use your best description ability of that page. Each search engine has different requirements for character length limitations.
  • Description tags have hold a huge reflection on your click through rate. A person has a list of several websites that are listing like below. The outlined areas are places Google has cut off the writing. This means these website’s set the bounds Google has set. Each Search Engine has different limitations and ensuring your within each can be challenging. Your first and pretty much only goal shouldn’t be to satisfy the Search Engines but your ‘customers’, the Search Engines will following. Make sure your description tells a person what that page is about and how it can serve them. Understand the view that they will be seeing this information. Within a list of about 10 other Titles and Descriptions and possibly author’s names. A good click through rate depends on an accurate yet creative description of that page. Make sure it is straight to the point and contains the information that PEOPLE not Search Engine’s need to understand that page.Search Engine Results Page exceeding the limits

– Keyword tag

  • Keyword tag tells search engines the overall key terms that relate to this page: More prominent Search Engines no longer use the Keyword meta tag but it is good practice to include this for Search Engines that still do. You should list relative unique keywords that directly relate to the page.

– Author

  • Author meta tag: Each day that passes this Meta tag seems to be become more and more important. This tag is used to show the source of the information and how reliable the writer is of that information. Lets see what that might look like in the search results. –Search Engine Results Page Author Meta Tag
  • You as a author you should try and say topic specific. Having a broad range of different scope of ‘specialties’ may reflect on how significant you are as an author for those topics. This is more of a heads up for the future of where Google is heading. We can determine this conclusion by looking how Google has given authority to specific topics of niche based websites. They do have higher authority within their niche over a board spectrum website.

What about the other Meta tags? Well as of right now I wanted to discuss only the MOST important tags to date. I will come back and refine this as time goes out to keep this page up to date and relevant.

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