What is JavaScript?

Before throwing you into JavaScript’s syntax, lets go over a few key fundamentals about the Scripting Language.


The Name to be..

JavaScript was originally developed by Brendan Eich in May of 1995 while he worked for Netscape. It wasn’t always named JavaScript. The identity was changed several times through out its infancy. Originally it was named Mocha by Marc Andreessen the founder of Netscape. In September the name changed to LiveScript, in that same year Netscape was awarded trademark rights from Sun; the developers of Java. The name was later changed to JavaScript to piggy back the success of Java as a marketing strategy.

Due to JavaScript being very similar to Java, large amounts of confusion has taken place. Make a huge highlight in your mind about this and do not confuse JavaScript with Java in the future.


Programming or Scripting?

JavaScript is NOT a Programming language as most want to believe. It is considered a Scripting language. There are a few ways to differentiate the two.

  • One is that programming languages must be compiled to run. Scripting Languages do not.
  • Two, Scripting languages are ran inside of a program.


What is JavaScript used for?
JavaScript is famously used for Document Object Model altering. JavaScript would run on the client-side of things “the browser” and execute on the users computer rather than server-side. But more recently NodeJS has brought JavaScript to the server.

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